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The Consortium for Higher Education Research in Asia
The University of Hong Kong
The Consortium for Higher Education Research in Asia
The University of Hong Kong

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The Third Liberal Arts Forum:

The Role of Liberal Arts Education in the STEM Era

The Third Liberal Arts Forum: The Role of Liberal Arts Education in the STEM Era

Date: 10 February 2023 (Friday)

Time: 10:00-16:00 (HKT)

Format: hybrid mode

Programme Highlights:

  1. Prof Gerard A. Postiglione (Emeritus Professor & Honorary Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU) is the Chair at The Role of Liberal Arts Higher Education in the STEM-driven Development Context: Presidents’ Dialogue”
  2. Prof Cheng Kai Ming (Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU) is the Chair and Prof Yang Rui (Dean, Faculty of Education, HKU) is the Speaker at the Roundtable Discussion: Repositioning Liberal Arts Education in the Stem-dominated Era”
  3. Numerous of renowned scholars in Liberal Arts Higher Education will present different sessions in the forum





Professor Philip Altbach, Boston College

Professor Ruth Hayhoe, University of Toronto

Professor Huang Futao, Hiroshima University

Professor Jung Choel Shin, Seoul National University

Professor Liu Niancai, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Professor Simon Marginson, Oxford University

Professor Min Weifang, Beijing University

Professor Jamil Salmi, Higher Education Specialist

Professor Shi Jinghuan, Tsinghua University

Professor Marijk Van der Wende, Utrecht University

Professor Anthony Welch, Sydney University

(in alphabetical order)


kai ming Gerry Li fang Yang Rui
david Hugo Jisun Lili







South China Morning Post – Opinion

Published: 8:15 am, 2 Nov, 2022

A US-China decoupling in higher education does not serve the development goals of either

Gerard A. Postiglione

Read the Article

• As the US and China double down on national security, they risk undoing decades of international academic cooperation and exchange
• In the process, they are likely to undermine economic growth and social stability


Lectures and Seminars

Educating Postgraduates on Educational Management and Administration in the New Times

Organized by Beijing Normal University

Date: 15 December, 2022 (Thursday)

Zoom link:  Click here

Meeting ID854 1747 2582


Time Speaker(s)/Affiliation(s) Topic Chair
8:20-8:30am Professor ZHU Xudong

Beijing Normal University

Opening Address Professor

SU Junyang  

Beijing Normal University

8:30-8:50am Emeritus Professor Gerard A. Postiglione

University of Hong Kong

Doctoral Education in a New Era: Evolution, achievements, challenges, and possibilities
8:50-9:10am Professor GU Mingyuan  

Beijing Normal University

9:10-9:30am Professor ZHONG Binlin

Beijing Normal University

9:30-9:50am Professor Aaron M. Kuntz

Florida International University

9:50-10:10am Dr. Maxwell Ho

The Education University of Hong Kong

Strategic Planning for Enhancing Programmes Sustainability
10:10-10:30am Dr. Eisuke Saito

Monash University

10:30-10:40am Tea Break
10:40-11:00am Dr. Philip Chan

Monash University

Professor ZHANG Dongjiao

Beijing Normal University

11:00-11:20am Professor Taketoshi Goto

Tohoku University

How Could We Nurture “Practitioner-Researcher (teacher-researcher)” and Enable Them to Fully Use Their Skills in Japanese Educational Context: The Case of Tohoku University
11:20-11:40am Professor ZHU Zhiyong

Beijing Normal University

Dr. HE Fei

Zhe Jiang International Studies University

Learning from Others: An Alternative Approach for Doctoral Students to Traditional Mentoring
11:40-12:00am Dr. CHEN Junjun

The Education University of Hong Kong

PhD Students’ Well-being: Evidence from Hong Kong
12:00-13:30pm Lunch Break
13:30-13:50pm Professor SHI Jinghuan

Tsinghua University


Tsinghua University

Professor BAO Chuanyou

Beijing Normal University

13:50-14:10pm Professor YAN Fengqiao

Peking University

14:10-14:30pm Professor WU Zhihui

Northeast Normal University

14:30-14:50pm Professor LEI Wanpeng

Central China Normal University

14.50-15:00pm Tea Break
15:00-15:20pm Professor ZHANG Xinping

Nanjing Normal University

Professor YU Kai

Beijing Normal University

15:20-15:40pm  Mr. CHEN Guozhi 

Beijing San Fan Middle School

15:40-16:00pm Professor HU Yaozong

East China Normal University

16:00-16:20pm Professor ZHANG Xuemin

Southwest University

16:20-16:40pm Dr. ZHANG Yufeng 

Beijing Normal University

16:40-16:50pm Tea Break
16:50-17:10pm Professor Edward Vickers

Kyushu University

Professor ZHU Zhiyong

Beijing Normal University

17:10-17:30pm Professor Henrik Halkier

Aalborg University, Denmark

Opening the Ivory Tower: Problem-based Learning in the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
17:30-17:50pm Professor Roeland van der Rijst

Leiden University, Netherlands

International post-graduate students at Leiden University


17:50-18:00pm Dr. WANG Xi 

Beijing Normal University

Concluding Remarks



Workshops and Conferences

Higher Education Research Association (HERA) 2022 Conference

Mass Higher Education After Pandemic in East Asia:

Policy, Diversity, and Social & Human Contribution 

Date: 27-29 April 2022
Venue: Online Conference (Zoom)

Keynote speakers:

Professor Gerard A. Postiglione (University of Hong Kong)

Professor Futao Huang (Hiroshima University)

Professor Anthony Welch (University of Sydney)

The upcoming 8th HERA conference aims to focus on discussing how the changes in the current global political economy, especially under the ongoing pandemic crisis have impacted higher education in East Asia. The higher education sector has expanded rapidly in many countries in the recent three decades. The rapid growth was strongly supported through policy initiatives as well as market demands in the knowledge society. Although higher education receives political support with these policy initiatives, we also witness how national and international politics are deeply involved in higher education institutions. In this regard, higher education institutions as social institutions are suffering from an “identity crisis” with the growing political involvement. The political regime prefers to reduce public funding to higher education and increase the share of competitive funding in most countries. These changes have accelerated with neoliberalism and globalization since the 1990s. However, policy mechanisms often become altered along with the change in political regime and socio-environmental factors because national politics are increasingly becoming populism and strategic. These socio-political and economic changes accompany various issues and challenges. In addition, the Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 has enormous impacts on higher education including massive use of online education, and the internationalization of higher education is experiencing transformative changes. These socio-political and economic changes accompany various issues and challenges.

Based on this theme, the HERA2022 conference covers various topics related to theory, policy, and practices in the fields of higher education. These issues are:

  • Policy and politics
  • Funding and finance
  • Governance, organization, and reforms
  • Research and development
  • Institutional management and research (IR)
  • Academic profession, students
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Graduate education
  • Internationalization
  • Global rankings
  • Other topics related to higher education

We welcome all scholars, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to share their expertise and knowledge in the topic of higher education at the HERA2022 conference. The organizing committee highly encourages and welcomes scholars to organize various panel sessions for a more in-depth discussion on their research topics.


Call for papers: Dec 20, 2021 – Jan. 31, 2022
Decision letter: Feb 14, 2022
Early registration: Feb 14, 2022 – Mar 14, 2022
Regular registration: Mar 15, 2022 – April 20, 2022

Session type

Session management

1. Individual research session

(For published papers or paper in progress)

  •  15 minutes for each presentation
  •  Session chair will be appointed by members from the steering committee or organizing committee
2. Panel session

(Organized by a group of researchers)

  • The theme and presenters of the panel session should be organized by the session group members
  • Session chair to be invited by session organizers  
3. Book workshop session

(For published book or Book design working group)

For more information about HERA2022, please visit

Please submit the proposal form to by Jan 31, 2022.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
HERA2022 Organizing Committee
– Web:
– E-mail:


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology

Editor in Chief: Li-fang Zhang

  • Provides the first comprehensive, systematic, theory-driven, and evidence-based review of the literature on educational psychology
  • Strong international representation
  • Will appeal to a wide range of readers, including students, researchers, and practitioners
  • Digitally available: All articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education

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