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Dr. Hugo Horta is the Coordinator of CHERA.

His research is anchored on the topic of academic research, which leads it to focus on overlapping issues between science and technology studies (STS) and higher education studies. His research interests encompass mainly three thematic areas: 1) historical evolution of science, technology and higher education systems at national level relating it to policies and their effects; 2) studies on concentration of research funding and relation to institutional competitiveness and higher education diversity, and 3) careers of doctoral holders, particularly on and how career events affect research productivity, collaboration and visibility. In this thematic area, after focusing on academic inbreeding, Professor Horta’s current focus is on studying the research agenda setting by researchers.


Recent publications:

Santos, J.M., Horta, H., and Amâncio, L. (2021) Research agendas of female academics: a new perspective on gender disparities in academia, Gender and Education 33(5): 625-643.

Feng, S. and Horta, H. (2021) Brokers of international student mobility: The roles and processes of education agents in China. European Journal of Education 56(2): 248-264.

Horta, H., Birolini, S., Cattaneo, M., Shen, W., and Paleari, S. (2021) Research network propagation: the impact of PhD students’ temporary international mobility. Quantitative Science Studies 2(1): 129-154.