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Lili Yang (杨力苈) is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. She has strong interests in Eastern-Western comparison in higher education, especially how higher education (including the epistemic practices of intellectuals, the position of the university in society, the individualized and collective good of universities) are shaped by Eastern and Western intellectual traditions, and social, political, and educational cultures. Lili is interested in drawing on traditional Chinese ideas and thoughts to inform contemporary (global) higher educational practices. She also conducts research on global science. More broadly, her interests include higher education, comparative education, and educational and political philosophy. Previously, Lili was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, where she also received her Ph.D. in Education. Her forthcoming book is titled ‘Higher Education, State and Society: Comparing the Chinese and Anglo-American Approaches’ (Bloomsbury, 2023).


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