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Intellectual styles are people’s preferred ways of using their abilities.  Research in the past eight decades has demonstrated unambiguously that intellectual styles play a vital role in human learning and performance – at both individual and organizational levels.  One of Professor Zhang’s sustained research foci has been on investigating the functions of intellectual styles in teaching and learning in higher education as well as in university student development in different cultural contexts.  As Principal Investigator, she is currently leading a Hong Kong team in participating in the third international study of the changing academic profession.


Recent publications:

Zhang, L. F., Horta, H., Jung, J., Postiglione, G. A., & Shin, J. C. (2020). Is the research-teaching nexus an enduring myth? Higher Education Forum.

Zhang, L. F. (2017).  The value of intellectual styles.  New York: Cambridge University Press.

Zhang, L. F., & Shin, J. C. (2015).  The research-teaching nexus among academics from 15 Institutions in Beijing, mainland China.  Higher Education, 70 (3), 375-394.