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Professor POSTIGLIONE, Gerard A.


Emeritus Professor and Honorary Professor

Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education, Faculty of Education, HKU

Postiglione studies issues in higher education in China and East Asia. He is a pioneer among Western scholars and his fluency in Chinese has resulted in innovative primary research and fieldwork. He brings sociological, and policy perspectives to issues in Asian education, such as the academic profession, world class universities, equitable access, and graduate employment. He is one of the researchers most sought after by international organization concerned with Asia’s educational reform and by major media outlets to inform the public on issues of globalization and higher education. Postiglione’s current research asks how universities change as they become socially embedded, while responding to changes in the world order.

Recent publications:

Postiglione, G.A. (2020). Expanding higher education: China’s precarious balance, China Quarterly. (244) 920-941

Zhang, L. F., Horta, H., Jung, J., Postiglione, G. A., & Shin, J. C. (2020). Is the research-teaching nexus an enduring myth? Higher Education Forum.

Postiglione, G.A. (2019) China’s Education Development over 70 years. Fudan University Journal of Social Science.

Horta, H., Jung, J., Zhang, L. F., & Postiglione, G. A. (2019).  Academics’ job-related stress and institutional commitment in Hong Kong universities.  Tertiary Education and Management

Postiglione, G.A. and Tang Min (2019) International policies and experiences for China’s higher technical and vocational education, International Journal of Training Research.17:1, 1-14

Te, A., Postiglione, G.A. (2018) Hong Kong students entering Mainland China universities: a review of the admission scheme, Public Administration and Policy,