Professor   @CarlessDavid 

Personal Website: http://davidcarless.edu.hku.hk/

Professor Carless’ research focuses on how feedback processes can be developed to promote improved student learning. A problem with much teacher feedback is that it does not lead to much student uptake: it often comes at the wrong time, such as at the end of modules; it can be hard for students to understand or appreciate; and it often fails to motivate students to act. My research program suggests that we need to think of feedback differently in how it can promote student agency and self-regulation within social constructivist learning principles. For this aspiration to be fulfilled, students need to develop their feedback literacy so that they can use feedback over the longer-term.


Recent publications:

Winstone, N., Balloo, K. & Carless, D. (2020). Discipline-specific feedback literacies: A framework for curriculum designHigher Education.

Carless, D., & Winstone, N. (2020). Teacher feedback literacy and its interplay with student feedback literacy. Teaching in Higher Education.

Dawson, P. Carless, D., & Lee, P.P.W (2020). Authentic feedback: Supporting learners to engage in disciplinary feedback practicesAssessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Carless, D. (2020). Longitudinal perspectives on students’ experiences of feedback: A need for teacher-student partnershipsHigher Education Research & Development, 39(3), 425-438.

Research grants:

Theorizing feedback processes in higher education (January 2018 – July 2020). Research Grants Council: General Research Fund