This volume provides a critical perspective on the Soviet legacy of superpower competition in the higher education systems of China and Russia. The book examines the tensions among multi-level forces that strive to advance progressive university policies and practices on the one hand, and on the other hand work to restore old-style hyper-centralization and indoctrination. It tracks the de-Sovietization of higher education, which aimed to integrate Chinese and Russian universities into global higher education but resulted in inducing status anxiety in the global hierarchies of knowledge development.

Anatoly V. Oleksiyenko is Associate Professor of Higher Education and a member of the Comparative Education Research Centre at The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR. Qiang Zha is Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, York University, Canada. Igor Chirikov is Senior Research Fellow and Vice-Rector of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Mos- cow, Russian Federation. Jun Li is Professor of Education, University of Western Ontario, Canada.