Organized by UCL, PKU, HKU (CHERA)

23 & 24 November 2022


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23 November 2022 (HK timezone)

2pm-2.30pm – Good City or Good University: Chinese PhD Graduates’ decision making of Employment,
Yue Chen, Wenqin Shen, Jiayi Lv, Dandong Xu, Yue Zhai, Peking University, China

2.30pm-3pm – The Employment Trajectories of PhD graduates: a Systematic Literature Review, Yu Yang and Tatiana Fumasoli, University College London, UK

3pm-3.30pm – Where is our way? A collaborative autoethnography of academic career strategizing of Chinese female doctoral students in Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea  Yingxin Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen), Xin Li (Seoul National University, Korea), and Lilan Chen(Osaka University, Japan)

Break – 30 minutes

4pm-4.30pm – Changes in doctoral graduates’ employment and doctoral students’ views of their future career in Japan?  Futao Huang, Hiroshima University
4.30pm-5pm – Come for a Better Leaving: Reflective Positioning and Expected Career Paths of Doctoral Students   Hosted by Macau, Rochelle Yun Gee, University of St. Joseph, Macau SAR

24 November 2022 (HK timezone)

2pm-2.30pm – Employability of Chinese doctoral engineering students after studying in the US  Qian Huang and Jisun Jung, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2.30pm-3pm – Industry R&D as a career choice: A qualitative study of Chinese doctorates’ motivations to seek employment in industry  Gaoming Zheng (Tongji University, China); Liping Li (Capital Normal University, China); Wenqin Shen (Peking University, China)
3pm-3.30pm – Why do students pursue a doctorate in the era of ‘PhD crisis’? Evidence from Taiwan
Hugo Horta (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR), Li Huan (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR) and Sheng-Ju Chen (National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan).

Break – 30 minutes

4pm-4.30pm – Doctorates’ experiences and career plans during their postdoctoral training in South Korea Soo Jeung Lee (Sejong University, Korea), Jung Cheol Shin (Seoul National University, Korea)
4.30pm-5pm – Striving for academia: Responsive career trajectories of PhD graduates in the Greater Bay Area in China   Yingxin Liu and Danling Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen, China)