Time: 10:00 to 12:00 noon.
Date: May.4th (Sat.), 2024
Mode: by zoom
Speakers: KONG Sinying, ZHOU Xinyuan, WU Tong, WANG Liangyu, LIANG Dongqin (The University of Hong Kong)
Chair: Prof. Jisun Jung (The University of Hong Kong)
Moderator: OWYONG Xinzi (The University of Hong Kong)
Registration link: https://hku.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcuc–vqjojHNE_cCT4XwMXp90MnCXwdSAg


This seminar series are organised for HKU’s Master’s students in Higher Education specialism to share their capstone project ideas and exchange peer feedback. Students will present their original research ideas, update their progress in data collection, and share some challenges in completing the capstone projects. We expect that students’ presentations will provide food for thought, exchange of ideas, and implications for the field of higher education. All postgraduate students are welcome!