Higher Education in Asia: Moving Ahead

Eurasian Relations in Higher Education:

The Dynamics Across the World’s Largest Continent

Date: June 23, 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 15:00 to 16:00 (Hong Kong time)


Prof Marijk van der Wende

Distinguished Faculty Professor of Higher Education

Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Patterns of globalization are changing and economic power is shifting eastwards. Asia is becoming a force also in international higher education. China has developed its higher education and research systems at unprecedented speed and size and its aim to reach global standards will affect both regional partners and global competitors. Even more so now its geo-political ambitions – its “New Silk Road” (Belt and Road Initiative) shapes a context for its international higher education agenda. China is emerging as a third scientific global player and expected to advance even faster than the West post-corona. How is this affecting Eurasian relations in academia? How are these changes perceived in Europe and how is the EU responding? What new conditions will frame international collaboration in higher education across the world’s largest continent? How will this affect universities, the nature of their partnerships, the academic standards they wish to sustain and values to defend? And most importantly, for how they prepare their students for the 21st century world.

Chair: Professor Gerard POSTIGLIONE, The University of Hong Kong

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