Research Workshop on Greater Bay Area Integration – Universities and Industry Collaboration


1A Research Workshop on Greater Bay Area Integration – Universities and Industry Collaboration was held on 20 June 2018 in the University of Hong Kong, hosted by CHERA, Wah Ching Centre of Research on Education in China, and Centre for Educational Leadership. The objective is to raise ideas and establish a database on the influence of universities towards the Greater Bay Area Initiative on universities and industry collaboration. Invited speakers from Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, Guangzhou University, the University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong shared their valuable ideas and insights with the participants.

The topics presented include: Reflections on higher education collaboration with advanced manufacturing enterprises in the Greater Bay Area joint programs and talent flow and sharing mechanism, regional and intercollegiate cooperation in the Greater Bay Area: the case of Southern University of Science and Technology, Research on cooperation between higher education and high-tech industry in the Greater Bay Area, opportunity for training global school leaders, internationalization and knowledge capital: role of Hong Kong academic and world-class universities, the future development of higher education cooperation in Greater Bay Area, and cross-border mobility of university students.

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Studies in Higher Education: Asia and the World

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Excellence initiatives in Asia have positioned research universities to play a greater role in anchoring globalisation for nation development. Like never before, institutions of higher education have also become instruments of international competition. With more globally ranked universities than any other world city, Hong Kong expects its universities to build innovative knowledge networks that extend to other parts of the country and the wider Asian region. The University of Hong Kong does this through a configuration of institutional arrangements, international brain circulation and amphibious entrepreneurs.

Our study of Asian higher education in the Faculty of Education aims to address basic issues: Will Asian higher education just produce more of the same Western-originated model, or will it provide a more critical understanding of the practice of higher learning? As Asian universities continue their rise, how can they prioritise STEM fields without detriment to their indigenous humanistic tradition? What distinguishes Asian universities in how they serve the global common good?

Our studies also address more immediate issues such as the evolution of doctoral education in Asian universities, academic governance and professional autonomy, access and equity, multicultural diversity, learning-oriented assessment, student intellectual development, the changing academic profession, and international and cross-border collaboration.

Our leading researchers in the study of higher education come from a variety of countries and jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Korea, Portugal, Ukraine, UK, and US. They provide research and policy advice to governments, multilateral development agencies and the international media. New initiatives such as the Greater Bay Area and One Belt and One Road provide new opportunities for the study of higher education.

Professor Gerard Postiglione
Honorary Professor
Division of Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education
Consortium for Research on Higher Education in Asia
Faculty of Education
The University of Hong Kong

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