The impact of Covid19 on the institutional fabric of higher education: Accelerating old patterns, imposing new dynamics, and changing rules?

Elizabeth Balbachevsky, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil Pundy Pillay, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa
Rómulo Pinheiro, University of Agder, Norway (corresponding editor)

Abstract submission and roadmap
Interested authors, either working within a specific disciplinary field or across knowledge domains, are requested to send a 500 word abstract clearly stating: a) research problem(s) being addressed; b) the design and method adopted; and c) the theoretical/conceptual approach. In addition, authors are to clearly specify d) which level(s) of analysis are covered in their contributions; and e) provide some contextual information on the chosen case(s). We are particularly keen to receive comparative accounts encompassing multiple cases, embedded either within a single country or across multiple national HE systems, to allow for country and institutional variations in the light of the explanatory variables sketched out above, as well as others. We also ask the authors to submit a short biography (Max. 200 words) outlining role, affiliation, research interests and major scientific achievements; alongside a link to their respective personal web pages (e.g. research gate) with information on recent publications, as well as contact (e-mail) details for the corresponding author.
The above details should be sent to the corresponding editor no later than 15 March 2021. Authors receive feedback on their proposals by 10 April 2021. Selected authors will be invited to present their extended abstracts (3,000 words) at an online workshop to be hosted during the summer (June-July) of 2021. A first, full draft version of the texts (8,000 words) is to be submitted to the editors by 1 October 2021. Following 1-2 rounds of editorial reviews, the edited volume is to be submitted to the publisher by 1 June 2022, with expected publication before the end of 2022.

See more details: The impact of Covid19 on higher education – Call for Abstracts (final)