Higher Education in Asia: Moving Ahead

The Academic Profession’s Conformity to R-T-S nexus
in the World and Japan

Speaker: Professor Akira ARIMOTO
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, Hiroshima University
The Advisor to President and Director & Professor of Research Institute for HE (RIHE), Hyogo University

Chair: Professor Gerard POSTIGLIONE The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Concept of “R-T-S nexus” has lasted at least one century since it was proposed by W. Humboldt in 1910 as a modern university’s ideal. However, it has not been realized well in the World as we pay attention to it by making analysis of international surveys on the Academic Profession (AP).

The three large international surveys on the AP were conducted in the World in the past thirty years: Carnegie (1992); CAP (2008); APIKS (2017~). In the CAP survey, concentration to German type (research orientation) from both Anglo-Saxon type (research and teaching orientation) and Latin American type (teaching orientation) was clearly recognized. The AP’s conformity to research orientation is increasing throughout the world.

Japan’s total trend reveals research orientation of German model, while teaching orientation rather than research orientation has become popular in their private universities. However, increasing AP’s teaching orientation is not meaning the transformation from teaching model to study model leading to student’s active study.

In the 21st century when massification of higher education will be promoted to the extent that AP’s teaching orientation is expected to be increased to meet with diversified students. It is also expected to meet with the concept of R-T-S nexus.

Date: July 7, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 (HK Time) by zoom

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