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Dr Oleksiyenko contributes a synergy of unique cultural, theoretical and practical perspectives to studies in global higher education. He is currently conducting a comparative research on global competition and collaboration strategies of research universities in East Asia, Eastern Europe and North America. His comparative study on Sino-Russian competition and collaboration in the academic R&D was funded by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, and he received the Early Career Award from the UGC in 2012. Professor Oleksiyenko also collaborated with the education research network of the UNESCO-Bangkok to contribute a number of cases on higher education transformations in Hong Kong.


Recent publications:

Oleksiyenko, A. (2019). Academic collaborations in the global marketplace. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Oleksiyenko, Anatoly (2015). Social Mobility and Stakeholder Leverages: Disadvantaged Students and “Important Others” in the “Glonacal” Construct of Higher Learning. Education and Society 33 (1):29-50.

Oleksiyenko, Anatoly (2014). On the Shoulders of Giants? Global Science, Resource Asymmetries and Repositioning of Research Universities in China and Russia. Comparative Education Review, 58 (3):482-50