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The secrets of China’s rise in higher education abound, and at least two clues are observable widely: (1) simultaneous national initiatives driving internationalization, expansion and world-class university movement, which can be illustrated by a pragmatic zhong-yong model of policy action; and (2) strong perseverance in humanist (zhi-xing) mission, self-mastery, intellectual freedom and institutional diversity (he’er butong), that can be characterized by the Chinese University 3.0. Professor Li has interests in these forefront issues and their global implications for higher education development in both developing and developed societies.



Two recent publications:

Li, J. (2016a). Chinese University 3.0 in a global age: History, modernity and future. In P. C. I. Chou & J. Spangler (Eds.), Chinese education models in a global age: Transforming practice into theory (pp. 15-35). Singapore: Springer.

Li, J. (2016b). Quest for world-class teacher education? A multiperspectival study on the Chinese model of policy implementation. Singapore: Springer.