Early Career Researchers Network in Asian Higher Education Studies

Unveiling the Research Agenda-setting of Academics from the Applied Fields

Speaker: Ms Liu Yingxin Margaret The University of Hong Kong
Chair and discussant: Dr Nian Ruan The University of Hong Kong
Research agenda-setting is a vital part of research activities of academics but mostly understudied in the literature. It is expected to function as part of the initial research plan with potential influences on the career of academics. In the current knowledge reliant academia and society, it merits further study. Using qualitative research methodology and a grounded theory approach, the aim of this study is to uncover the research agenda-setting and the factors affecting the agenda-setting process. In-depth interviews are conducted in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with 51 academics from applied disciplines involved. This research will draw insights from the qualitative data to build up a theoretical framework and unveil research agenda-setting. A thorough comprehension of academics’ behavior will of great value to providing references for academics to have a self-reflection and motivate themselves. Detailed delineation of the research agenda-setting will enlighten the academics with practical implications and suggestions. Furthermore, the research outcome will grant the policymakers in higher education and project managers novel illumination.
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Date: March 26, 2021 (Friday)
Time: 15:00-16:00 (HK Time) by zoom